Obama’s taking all our guns away! Wait… what?

punt-gun-banned-1860sWhat Obama did:

  1. Strengthened background checks by requiring that all gun dealers are licensed and conduct background checks (apparently closing the gun show loophole). Added jobs for over 200 more FBI examiners to make the background check process faster.
  2. Proposed (yes, not actually real yet) 200 more ATF employees, and basically acknowledged a new ATF internet investigative unit to track and prevent illegal internet weapons trafficking. Also had the Attorney General send a memo “encouraging” US Attorneys to conduct more domestic violence outreach.
  3. Proposed (yes, not actually real yet) $500 million for better access to mental health care. Informed us that Health and Human Services and the Social Security Administration are trying to make it easier in background checks to report specific mental health reasons an individual has that should prevent them from purchasing a firearm.
  4. Encouraged departments of Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security to conduct research into gun safety technology.

So that’s like, one real thing and a bunch of not real things, or already existing things, or things that might help down the road if there is a Congress that will actually make them real things. That one real thing is a big deal, but it’s nothing that will prevent any law-abiding American citizen from purchasing a legal firearm.


What gun nuts think Obama did:

  1. Banned all guns forever and ever, amen.
  2. Ordered nationwide confiscation of all privately-owned guns.
  3. Named Bill Ayers new ATF Director and replaced all ATF agents with the Black Panthers.
  4. Directed the ATF to round up (mostly white) people with too many guns and put themĀ and their families into FEMA camps. Wolverines!

I wonder, if we had smarter wingnuts, would that make them more dangerous, or would it make them less likely to be wingnuts? And I must say, blast it! Once again, Obama passes on his opportunity to subvert the Constitution, throw the nation into crisis, and begin his reign of tyranny!

I suppose there is still time.