southern cross

found my set of stars, found my constellation
had to come back to a place i’ve never seen
found the way through the fog and the branches
where the road could have chosen itself for me
can the future stand still enough to last forever
or is there a home in hands of today?
when the tide changes its terminal tune
it washes over us like a symphony of renewal
and in the light of music, you’re meant to shine
you’re meant to take it all in, and let it take you all out
because some things belong to the world
even if they choose you as their messenger
so when the road meets you, or the sky lifts your eyes
and the constant rhythm of change washes in and out
like the ocean’s revelation of love and shipwrecks
as it caresses the sand in the moonlight
you can only know what you would do
and you only have those stars to guide you