my cat has an abscess … and other news

ah. sydney. normally a sunny and very warm place this time of year… overcast and rainy all week. well, i’m not one of those sun-worshipping types, actually. i won’t complain — it does make my 20 minute walk to work quite pleasant. i work in woolloomooloo. that word’s got eight O’s in it. what i can’t figure out, though, is why there are two L’s and then one L.
Doesn’t make sense.

today i drove my bitchin’ van around sydney. had some errands to run, laundry, busted speakers to get reconed, etc. just an average saturday for anyone in a first-world country, i suppose. funny how we’ve made our towns and cities so convenient for people with cars. it’s amazing to think how stifling a major fuel crisis would actually be. “running out to the store” and whatnot. sprawl is the symptom of an oil-soaked society.

oh yea, and mr boobs, the betesticled fellow he is, went out and got into a fight last week. got himself whacked pretty good in the head and now he has a stinky, scabby abscess.

this pretty much means the end of the halcyon days, the testosterone-infused antics of mr boobs. we’ll have to take him to the vet and get him desexed and microchipped. i’m actually not a fan of the australian requirement to have pets micro’d. it pisses me off, to tell the truth. it just seems unnatural and weird.

and an uncomfortably short step away from human microchipping.