artwork rehash

ksr-homecoming_600pxback in the old days when i didn’t know squat about the interneck or graffik desing i made some bad decisions, and i didn’t really understand the value of keeping high resolution copies of my creations. so the originals are gone. i’m recreating some and starting from scratch on the rest. my latest attempt is the mad scientist, kingsizerobot homecoming pageant & parade cover. this was always one of my favorites because of the simplicity and the value of letting the pictures tell the story. whatever that story is.

i took all those pictures in the southern-ish indiana area (in the areas of bloomington and french lick for the record) with an old argus camera. that’s genu-ine sepia tone (teh analog kind) – not none of that photoshop bs.

o ya, this is getting released via the ingot rock next week (or so… it involves logistical realities). on cd available through amazon and the ingot rock store. also download it now for the super cheap price it will be until it shows up on amazon…(!)

UPDATE: too late, it’s on amazon now!