There’s A Demon In That Florida Swamp

OK, Disney. I get that you got my email address. A regrettable but necessary evil for the father of a 3-year-old.

I get that, although you offer an option to opt out at once from all of the 15 different email lists to which you’ve added me, it doesn’t really work and I’m still going to have to unsubscribe from all 15 of them separately.

What I don’t get, as a computer guy, is why it takes up to 10 days for my name to come off the email lists. That’s absurd. Databases don’t work that way.

And then, more than 10 days later, I’m still getting emails.

So what you’re really saying is, “we’ll give you 10 days to either forget or realize that you’re really One Of Us (one of us! one of us!)!”

I have long believed that Mickey’s real catchphrase is, “I’ll swallow your soul!”

Go ahead, say that out loud in your best Mickey Mouse voice. It’s liberating.