new music for old times

a historical note:

several years ago i recorded an album with my friend bob peckyno, under the name bathsheva. finishing this record was an arduous task, and the subsequent musik bidness wrangling was enough to make us want to move to hungary and become obscure web designers for the beef industry. this was one of those life experiences that kinda had it all — glorious moments of premature self-congratulatory joy, utter frustration, discovery and personal growth, devastation, boredom and tedious action giving way to inconclusive and often maddening results.

which is why it is ultimately very gratifying to at last say IT IS DONE.
go ahead, click the linky… you can buy it at createspace, amazon and maybe target(?)

needless to say this is something of which we are both proud, and i have to give a lot of credit to bob for taking this one off the shelf, dusting it off and finally pushing it out into the world. i tend to give short shrift to my electronical orchestrations and creations, especially these days.

so, what’s it like? a bit trancy, soundscape, some hints of jazz and classical, and — dare i say it — new age. ok, maybe a lot of new age. it’s a bit of a departure from my normal stuff, but still a valuable contribution, especially in the realm of new age music (because it must be said that there is some awful new age music out there). bathsheva breaks the mold to a large extent.

could i do it again? possibly. i believe for now i’ll just content myself to the satisfaction of knowing mine field dream has finally seen the light of day.

more music on the way…