you can’t spell WORST without W!

interesting. and not in a good way.

last night in wimpy chimpy’s acceptance speech for winning the 2007 Incompetence Award™ (that’s 7 years running- way to go, george!), he unceremoniously mentioned that patriot missile defense units were being sent to iraq.

these units are used as defense against long-range missile threats. there has yet to be a single attack by iraqi insurgents that employs the use of long-range missiles, nor is there any intelligence that would suggest that any insurgents — not al qaeda, the sadrists, the sunnis in anbar province, etc. — possess long-range missiles.

so let’s consider this “surge” soft drink strategy (like the pepsi challenge — 7 out of 10 people prefer surge to escalation!): it would appear to involve sending units that, one would assume, serve no purpose, given what we know about the threats on the ground.

so why send patriot missile defense units to iraq?

I just had a revelation! maybe we’ll all have one this year!
who has long-range missiles?