shorter conservatives: IT’S ALL ABOUT US!

you, charles krauthammer, are a silly man and a hopeless partisan.

montana will have made no difference; conrad burns is set to be indicted. had he won, once he was forced to step down the democratic governor of his state would have appointed tester, anyway.

this election wasn’t about dem/rep or lib/con, it was the year of the INDEPENDENT, and the great repudiation of karl rove’s belief that there is no longer a center.

this was a major earthquake for the center, who firmly declared their belief that the ship of state was listing to starboard.

ideologues like krauthammer really want to believe americans love the right’s radical ideas. well, radical ideas are fine — when they move the country forward, and not sideways.

americans want “full speed ahead”…republicans lost because they had revealed their true intent: FULL SPEED TO THE RIGHT!

here’s a hint for you and the republicans, charlie — get rid of that social conservative, culture war baggage you’re carrying. you’re losing sensible conservatives to the libertarian party; one more “minor earthquake” like this, and all you’ll have left are the snake-charmers and rapture-seekers.

believe me, charlie, if the last six years have taught me anything, it’s that you don’t want the rapture-seekers in charge.