Barry will not be #feelingtheBern

Barry will not be #feelingtheBern Oh OK maybe I’ll try and get to the heart of it now: Obama’s probably not going to endorse Bernie Sanders, and Bernie knows it (as does Hillary, which was probably the reason she attacked Sanders in the way she did in the Wisconsin debate). Because Sanders’s campaign is... read more

Good news! They aren’t learning

This is an “attack ad” made by a Republican super PAC. It’s actually meant to make Democrats vote for Bernie Sanders. The same tactic was used by Claire McCaskill in Missouri to win reelection to her Senate seat. It’s like they honestly don’t know the difference between Bernie Sanders... read more

You May Recall That Custer Had Native American Policy Experience

You May Recall That Custer Had Native American Policy Experience Having experience and having successful experience are not the same thing. For instance, Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy experience includes not only having voted for the Iraq War, but also not having apologized or admitted it was a mistake until 2014. That’s more than ten years’ experience being completely wrong... read more

Where’s Lee Greenwood Now?

Where's Lee Greenwood Now? These Iran prisoner exchanges should be proud, patriotic moments for America. Moments that showcase intelligent, effective and successful American diplomacy. And if we had a Republican president right now, I can almost guarantee that’s exactly what we’d be seeing. Fox News would be all over it. Lee Greenwood would... read more