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not a lot going on at all, actually...

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lonesomerobot enjoys musical and audiolicious exploits. you might be listening to them now. my record label/music production company is ingot rock. i have been and may still be in the bands the sleep-ins, the raydons, 11ad, bathsheva, jupiterboy, and the splinters.

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what is there to know about lonesomerobot?

lonesome robot is a creator of music, photography, poetry and aimless thoughts. also this and other web destinations. for instance, ingot rock.

born in australia, currently resides in north carolina, usa.

travels include new zealand, mexico, canada, jamaica, aruba, fiji and elsewhere.

accumulated vast amounts of knowledge while living in america & australia.

visited 42 of 50 american states during wild, aimless travels and partially as an obscure rock icon. so iconic no one noticed.

forgot vast amounts of knowledge in the ensuing years.

hopefully some of it was written down.

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random picture!
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^   po of the mo

even though you are so far,
i contemplate you:
isn't she lovely,
so much, and without trying-
note, haiku, thankyou.
every day and night.
i have no doubts insofar
as we are concerned.
we can be as one
wherever our light will shine
on this earth, my love.
consider myself
bless'd, and able to return
the call of your heart.

well, we have many
festivities to share yet-
what a dream that is.
it may be that we
are best expressed face to face...
(we can only hope!)
hopelessly in love?
i hope i'm not hopeless yet,
tho' i take your point-
past the precipice,
far too far to turn back now
with love in command.
there is no reason
i can see, reasonably,
to fear the result.
on the contrary,
not hopelessly... destiny:
that is our shared gift,
powerfully ours,
undeniably spoken,
tho' intangible

and so you remain
like the memory's best kiss
and lingered embrace.
how could you wonder
everyone was beautiful
with you in my eyes?
for all that i see
only serves to reaffirm:
love is beginning.
even this distance
cannot desecrate our bond
sharing existence
is our final testament
to this journey's end.

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can you dig it? all text, images, design and audio are ©2015 lonesomerobot. i tend to not profit from this website, but if i do, please don't begrudge my good fortune. there are plenty of other nice websites out there and i encourage you to explore the intertubez while they're still mostly free.

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